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Hello, and welcome to the official Planeta Woodworking website!

I have created this website to promote Planeta Woodworking, and the products we make. You can purchase most products right in our store tab, and many will be added as time goes on.
I started this small business as making a few cutting boards, and it has evolved like crazy! #BestCuttingBoardsOnThePlanet
You may wonder how we make all of these cutting boards, especially the ones that are End Grain, and have all the little squares and shapes as a surface. Today, I’m going to talk about how that is done, and like most cutting boards, it’s not terribly difficult to do!
First, you would choose a pattern that you like, and the one you want the surface of the board to be, then you replicate it in a striped board pattern. (Look at the end grain edge to see your pattern). Then glue it up, and allow for drying time. After glued, plane the board so the entire thing is one thickness, and relatively smooth/level on top. Third, use the table saw, or band saw to re-saw the board into strips (at your desire thickness), turn on end and glue up again. Surface the glued board after it’s dry, and finish it! Sounds complicated but after making over 50 cutting boards myself, it’s not that hard!
Below, you can find a couple photos of my recent end grain cutting board, featuring Exotic Padauk, as well as a link to our Instagram page, where we post (almost daily) stories and pictures of current or completed projects.

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