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White Oak


White Oak is very different compared to your standard Red Oak that you may see on your wood floors. White Oak may look the same though it has a tighter closed grain, allowing it to be a good candidate for the outdoors, and it will also work in cutting boards as it will not allow the moisture to seep into the wood, whereas the cavities of Red Oak do.

We offer it in Cutting Board/Coaster Strips – Ready for glue up, and they are 1.25″ X 1.25″ X 18-20″ (10.99 Each), or we also offer it by the board foot, which would be $10.50/BDFT.

On our Orders by the board foot, it’s quoted to be rough. If you’d like it milled, choose “By the Board Foot, MILLED” for two flat faces and a straight edge.


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