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Purple Heart Lumber


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Purple Heart is an extremely hard wood, with a very tight grain. If you do not have a sharp saw blade it will burn when cutting, especially rip cuts. Aside from it’s hardness, it’s naturally purple colored and will never loose it’s fancy color tone. Perfect for decorative strips in cutting boards, designer boxes, and other small projects. Purple Heart is not something you would want to paint over, as that would be borderline criminal.

We offer it in Cutting Board/Coaster Strips – Ready for glue up, and they are 1.25″ X 1.25″ X 18-20″ (15.99 Each), or we also offer it by the board foot, which would be $15.50/BDFT.

On our Orders by the board foot, it’s quoted to be rough. If you’d like it milled, choose “By the Board Foot, MILLED” for two flat faces and a straight edge.


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