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African & Santos Mahogany Lumber


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When you pick up a piece of either African or Santos Mahogany, you will think that it’s a weak wood. You are wrong! These woods, both African and Santos Mahogany seem soft, and are lighter than other species of wood, but they are very strong! They are resistant to moisture and with a simple outdoor sealer can be used on outdoor furniture projects.

We offer it in Cutting Board/Coaster Strips – Ready for glue up, and they are 1.25″ X 1.25″ X 18-20″ (12.49 Each), or we also offer it by the board foot, which would be $12.00/BDFT.

On our Orders by the board foot, it’s quoted to be rough. If you’d like it milled, choose “By the Board Foot, MILLED” for two flat faces and a straight edge.


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