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Exotic Wood Clipboards


Clipboards can be very useful in different situations. Whether it be in a classroom taking attendance, or out on an inspection writing notes, they allow you to write neatly without having to stop and put you paper up against something to back it.

These Clipboards are slightly above average. They are made from Maple, Sapele, Zebrawood, Imbula (version 1) and Maple, Sapele, and East Indian Rosewood – very rare exotic wood (version 2).

They measure 12.5” in length, by 9.5” in width and about 7/16” thick.

Perfect gifts, or just display items (or use them to display other items – maybe even your grocery list!!!)

Get them while you can! There are very few available and once our supply of these woods is gone, we will not be able to get it again!


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