Planeta Woodworking

Epoxy Resins

At Planeta Woodworking, we offer The Super Clear Line (FGCI) of epoxy resins, which are made in the United States of America! They are offered in two main types: Tabletop and Deep Pour!

Tabletop Resins are used for crystal clear top coats on counters, tables, and other surfaces. It’s a water tight seal, so any moisture or liquid that spills on top of it (once cured) can be wiped away, and it’s very durable to scratches/dents.

Deep Pour Epoxy is made for woodworkers and creators who wish to poor deep amounts of resin (up to 4″ thick). It is typically used in the woodworking industry to make Resin River Tables (with live edge slabs), or smaller/similar products like serving boards and charcuterie boards!

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