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NEW: Custom Signs and other Custom Pieces

Starting back in early October, we added the ability to make custom engraved signs, cutting boards, or other products with custom text/symbols.

We did this in an effort to expand what we do here at Planeta Woodworking. Aside from standard cutting boards, we decided custom work is something people look for, and especially for gift-giving, I think it’s very important to add that ability to some of our pieces.
While you may think that this completely takes the word “hand-crafted” out of our work, it does not. Our cutting boards, for example, are all still hand made, as well as our furniture, and other products. The Addition of CNC Machining has just pushed our production ability to another level, allowing us to take images online and trace them on a design, or make coasters with custom sayings on them, in many different fonts. This can be accomplished by hand, but it’s not the same as being able to offer numerous options as CNC Machining allows.
Check out this time-lapse video of our CNC Machine at work carving a custom “HOME” Sign, where the “O” is substituted with your State outline.

Finally, I’d just like to add that our hand-made work isn’t going anywhere. I don’t see us using CNC Machining as a “replacement” to our traditional techniques, but more as an “addition” allowing us to handcraft items like we have been doing, but go to the next level in adding customization (Words, symbols, and more!).

Please consider contacting us if you are looking for any custom pieces, as we have the ability to produce one product or multiple. One of the most important things is: if a product you are looking for isn’t in our shop, it doesn’t mean we cannot do it, so just send us an email, as we’d love to work with you!

The last Call for orders in time for Christmas is December 6, 2020! Get your order in NOW!

– Nick Planeta

CFO/Owner of Planeta Woodworking

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