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Are you looking for custom signs? We can handle that! We make signs of all types, including raised letter signs and engraved signs. Our raised letter signs have hand cut letters that are attached to a backerboard. This ensures premier visibility, while also providing you with the greatest craftsmanship possible.

​ Here is a video of our CNC Machine in-process of making a sign!

Above is one of our signs, using this raised letter technique. The back is Walnut and the letters maple. We can make your Sign with contrasting woods, or painted/stained letters.

Another way our signs are made is through a Precision CNC Engraving Method. These signs are designed in a 3D Design Software and exported to be cut on a 3-Axis CNC Machine. You may think that CNC Machines subtract the "craftsmanship" in a piece, but in reality, it opens up a whole slew of customization options, allowing us to add logos, words, and symbols to make it more personalized to you or your family. Don't worry, we don't use CNC engraving for everything; we use it solely for the purpose of customizing products!

Custom Boxes

Custom Cribage Boards

Timber Panelling

Custom Cutting Boards

Custom Cornhole Boards

Precision CNC Cutting

Bent Inlay Boards

Acoustic Guitar Stands

Cutting Boards with Logo Inlays

"You Name It, I'll build it!" - Nick Planeta (Owner)

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