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Hardwood For Your Furniture: A Beginner’s Best Quality Guide

Choosing the best hardwood for your custom furniture will serve a critical purpose later. As an essential element in your home, you need to pick apart the best material that will be functional and beautiful.

Hardwood furniture has been a classic in homes for centuries. Even with the arrival and innovation of other materials, wood retains its power and value in the furniture market. It is one of the most reliable and efficient materials with a rich history used by royalty and common folk.

The first thing you need to look for when choosing wood is to understand its properties. Here are some of the qualities you must look out for:

  • The type or species they belong to
  • Classification, whether they’re hardwood or softwood
  • Wood quality
  • Processing method
  • Best match for furniture

Keeping them in mind helps you make better choices and see through the best outcomes for your furniture. The artisan will be able to create more affordable custom furniture as well. Each type has its advantages, so we’ll make it easy.

Different Types of Hardwood

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Mahogany is an immensely popular hardwood that’s native to tropical climates. Its value is credited to its beauty, durability, and famed reddish color. Mahogany is also nearly flawless, as it has few voids and pockets. However, Mahogany wood may darken eventually, making it a wide choice for furniture.

Other notable characteristics include the following:

  • Straight grain
  • Commonly used for high-end furniture, trims, millwork, doors, and windows
  • Medium to moderately heavy density


Walnut is also a widely-used wood in the U.S., particularly in furniture. This material’s dimensional stability, resilience, durability, and rich color are some of the qualities that made Walnut so famous.

  • Shock resistant material
  • Wide range of colors (light pale to dark chocolate, dark brown streaks)
  • Sapwood colors vary from pale yellow up to gray or white
  • Moderately light to medium texture
  • Slightly open grain
  • Commonly used in exquisite furniture, carving, accent flooring, musical instruments, and gun stocks
  • Oil-based polyurethane finish

Red Oak

Native to the northern hemisphere, the Red Oak has over 600 deciduous species and is evergreen. This wood type is known for its strength and reliability. Aside from it being durable, Red Oak can withstand any fungi.

  • Pink to red hue
  • Tough and durable density
  • Varied and porous grain patterns
  • Commonly used for furniture, cabinetry, molding, trim, etc.
  • Suitable for flooring, paneling, and turning
  • Natural or oil finish

Other types of Hardwood



Ash trees’ sizes vary from medium to large and are found in many regions worldwide. This wood boasts a smooth texture and is a reliable material for custom furniture. Ashwood’s impressive nailing, screw grip and gluing make it a favorite among carpenters. However, raw Ash tends to release a bit of a foul smell. Regardless, it is also a popular wood material.

  • Colors range from light to creamy brown
  • Tough and flexible
  • Open grain with slight brown streaks
  • Commonly used in flooring, millwork, handicrafts, tool handles, etc.
  • Varied finishes


This tree commonly grows within the Northern Hemisphere. It’s tougher than its relative, the Oakwood. Its durability, stability, cost-efficiency, and accessibility make Birchwood a highly selected material for furniture.

  • Colors range from light reddish brown to white
  • Hard to medium density
  • Straight or slightly wavy grain
  • Small pores
  • Commonly used for plywood, boxes, crates, cabinetry, doors, etc.


Maplewood is widespread in Asia and other continents as well. It is durable and won’t split entirely. It has exceptional moisture resistance, that’s why it’s the most suitable kitchen furniture. European wood artisans prefer Maple, grown in high altitudes, for its quality.

  • Commonly used for inlays, musical instruments, toys, etc.
  • Overall closed, straight, or wavy grain
  • Color ranges from dark reddish brown, white, or off-white cream
  • Other colors include red or golden hues, which come from sapwood
  • Slightly stiff but durable density


Cherry wood is a constantly dependable material featuring a lavish color and polished grain. Cherry wood is a popular material among furniture makers since it can be tweaked into curvaceous designs due to its ease of steaming. This prized wooden material changes color over time, probably due to factors like oxidation and UV light. Regardless, Cherry is still a remarkable wood among artisans.

  • Colors range from light golden pink to rich, reddish brown
  • Commonly used for high-end furniture, cabinetry, flooring, & kitchen accessories
  • Smooth, enclosed grain
  • Density varies from a firm, medium, and slightly hard


Teak is a beautiful wood native to various Southern to Southeast Asian regions. Out of all the natural wood available, Teak is the most durable and resilient. It’s tough against decay, sunlight aging, and harsh weather – making it the best choice for outdoor furniture. Due to its qualities, Teak is extremely rare and equally expensive.

  • Golden to medium brown color
  • Darkens as it ages
  • Intense density
  • Straight, sometimes wavy or interlocked grain
  • Commonly used for making boats, veneer, outdoor construction, turning, etc.
  • It matches well with a wood lacquer finish.

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